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Our values

Our Values

What makes KOMPERDELL so unique.

Komperdell Company

Made in Austria

„We are an Austrian manufacturer and a family run company. Every single product orginates from the first idea to the final product - at our headquarter in Austria.“


„We are a family run company and true outdoor enthusiasts with a strong personality. We love what we do and whatever we do, its with passion, integrity and total dedication to our customers.“

Komperdell stick producion


„Everything we do is more than just a daily job. We are excited by what we do, we do it passionately and there´s always a bit of heart and passion from each and every member of our team.“

Komperdell sticks

Customer dedication

„Meeting excited customers using our product means the world to us, we not only want to satisfy our customers, our goal is to excite and surprise them with our product and service and make them into true ambassadors of our brand.“

Unsere Werte Mitarbeiter


"We have an obsessive culture to constantly question ourselves how to make our products and services better. We are bold enough to pursue unconventional ways to provide the best product and service to our customers. The world‘s best athletes trust in our products and we want to do no less for all our customer.“


„Everything we do, we do with integrity and honesty. We mean what we say and are comitted to our job.“



„We are dedicated to do everything with a total commitment to quality and excellence.“



„A clean enviroment is essential to us, both personally and as a business. Manufacturing in Austria means that we are subject to some of the strictest environmental and social regulations in the world. Sustainability for us means being respectful, thoughtful and conscientious of the impact we have on our environment and all the people we meet in our daily work.“