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Walking and Nordic walking poles for men and women

Nordic walking has been fashionable for several years now. Hardly surprising - in terms of effort it’s between jogging and walking. Its sporty but not so much that you can’t talk to other walkers. That's why Nordic walkers often meet up in groups. The term Nordic walking has actually been around since 1999 and the first walking poles appeared soon afterwards. But in recent years there has been a surge of interest in the activity, and today’s poles score for their stability, stylish look and light weight. If you want to be able to transport your walking poles easily, we recommend an adjustable length model to achieve compact dimensions. Our Nordic walking poles are suitable for both men and women, and the adjustable length poles can also be used by older children. The product details provide you with all the key information about the weight, dimensions and length adjustment. Within Europe, you can buy your new Nordic walking poles from the comfort of your home in our online shop.