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Komperdell History

We are the brand of winners!


Customers: We love our customers and meeting excited customers using our product means the world to us. Our goal is to excite and surprise our customers with our product and service to make them into true ambassadors of our brand.

Athletes: The choice of champions – in ski world cup KOMPERDELL is richest in tradition and stands for highest quality for decades. The world’s best athletes trust in Komperdell, this says it all. We achieved more than 300 medals at Olympic Games and World Championships!

Employees: In everything we do, there is a lot of heart and soul from each of us. At KOMPERDELL, many employees are part of our team for decades and do their best every day anew to excite our customers.
Vincent Kriechmayr

Our athletes

We are the most successful racing brand in history – the world’s best ski racers trust and win with Komperdell!

Our most successful athletes are:
Henrik Kristoffersen/ Norway
Eva-Maria Brem/ Austria
Cornelia Hütter/ Austria
Bostjan Kline/ Slovenia
Hannes Reichelt/ Austria
Ilka Stuhec/ Slovenia
Alice Robinson/ New Zealand
Carlo Janka/ Swiss
Max Franz/ Austria
Luca Aerni/ Swiss
Ana Drev/ Slovenia
Marco Schwarz/ Austria
Sebastian Foss Solevaag/ Norway
Otmar Striedinger/ Austria
Thomas Dressen/ Germany
Tamara Tippler/ Austria
Vincent Kriechmayr/ Austria
Petra Vlhova/ Slovenia
Ragnhild Mowinckel/ Norway
Read more about our athletes here:

Komperdell 2020

Our employees

In everything we do, there is a lot of heart and soul from each of us. Our brand is characterized by extraordinary people with strong characters and their very own personality. Many of us are part of the team for decades and give their best every day anew to surprise and excite our customers again and again.
Read more about our employees and atletes.

Komperdell Team


Anna Veith

Olympic Champion Anna Veith declared her resignation from active skiing. Her greatest achievements were winning the Overall World Cup in the seasons 2013/14 and 2014/15, being Olympic Champion in Super-G at the Olympic Games 2014 and gaining 3 World Champion titles – of course with Komperdell poles. She is representing Komperdell not only in racing, but also in her new shop together with Manuel Veith where our poles are presented and sold.


Gerhard Eppenschwandtner

Our first employee since the acquisition of Komperdell retired in 2019. He was part of us since the very first second and managed our production site for years. Gerhard handed over the production management to Charly, who has been part of Komperdell since 1984 and has already successfully managed the telescopic department.

Komperdell Sticks


Joining the Italian Ski Pool

The most successful brand in ski racing expanded the Komperdell racing team and joined the French and Italian Ski Pools. An important milestone not only in racing, but also for our business partners. We are very proud to count more than 200 athletes from the offspring to the A-squad to our team in the meanwhile.


Marcel Hirscher

Our must successful ski racer, Marcel Hirscher, ended his active career in 2019. He was mainly specialized in Slalom and Giant Slalom but also reached top positions in Super-G and Super combined. He is one of the most successful racers in history and was the first to win the Overall World Cup 8 times in a row. In addition, he won World Cup discipline rankings twelvefold, gained 7 World Champion titles and the second most World Cup victories and World Cup podiums behind Ingemar Stenmark.  He was crowned to Olympic Champion twice at the Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang – in Giant slalom and Super combination and won the silver medal in Slalom at the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Since winning the World Championship Slalom in Åre on 17th February 2019 he has been the most successful male ski racer in the history of Alpine World Ski Championships.



1st Komperdell Race Camp

The 1st Komperdell Race Camp took place at Reiteralm. 100 kids at the age of 8-14 years had the unique possibility to gain tips and tricks of top Komperdell athletes such as Henrik Kristoffersen, Christian Walder, Eva-Maria Brem, Elisabeth Reisinger, Vincent Kriechmayr, Anna Veith, Thomas Dressen, Ricarda Haaser and Roland Leitinger.

 A full success!


Partnership with our athletes

Each of our products is created from the initial idea to the final product together with our employees and athletes in our headquarters in Mondsee/Austria. We are proud to always be a step ahead and happy to provide our athletes, customers and business partners with the best possible material. We will always work obsessively to make our products even better and to continue remaining a leader in innovation.

Komperdell Winner


 Ski World Championships in Vail/Beaver Creek

The 43rd alpine ski World Championships took place from 2nd to 15th February 2015 in Vail/Beaver Creek. It was the most successful World Championship for Komperdell so far. 9x gold, 4x silver, 2x bronze – Komperdell, the #1 in racing!
Our most successful racers at World Championships 2015:
Anna Fenninger / AUT, double World Champion, 1x silver
Marcel Hirscher / AUT, double World Champion, 1x silver
Tina Maze / SLO, double World Champion, 1x silver
Nicole Hosp / AUT, World Champion, 1x silver
Eva-Maria Brem / AUT, World Champion
Hannes Reichelt / AUT, World Champion



Eva Walkner 

After several injuries, Eva Walkner ended her racing carrier and qualified for the exclusive World Tour in 2010. She finished the season as vize world champion with a victory on 10th March 2012 in Fieberbrunn and two podiums. After a torn ligament in 2013, Eva won at her Comeback race in Chamonix in January 2015. Three second places later, she was crowned Freeride World Champion in 2015 and with two victories in Chamonix and Haines and two second places she repeated this performance in 2016 – of course with Komperdell poles. After Eva ended her active career in 2017, she also regularly supports us at shootings and we are happy to have her in our team.



“Sherpa Project” for true heroes of the mountains!

Together with our partner AMICAL alpin we found a way to support the true heroes of the mountains – the Sherpas in Nepal. Today, almost all extreme mountaineers trust in their services and we wanted to support it. The idea originated when our extreme athletes Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits visited our headquarters in Mondsee. Both are in our team for more than a decade and support dozens of charity projects like hospitals and schools in Nepal all along. Gerlinde and Ralf established contact with AMICAL alpin and the project took its course.

Komperdell Camaro Production


30th anniversary of our very first employees

Our employees of the first hour – Edi, Charly, Seppi, Brigitte and Gerhard – were honored. The average of our employees work for us since 21 years – this makes us very proud!



Komperdell summit meeting

On 3rd March 2011, a special kind of summit meeting took place in Mondsee, directly at our company headquarters. Top alpinists such as the extreme climbers Alex & Thomas Huber (huberbuam), as well as the extreme mountaineers Ralf Dujmovits, Viki Groselj and Hans Kammerlander followed our invitation to answer questions to media representatives and our employees.

2009 Ralf Duijmovits


Ralf Duijmovits

With climbing Lhotse on 20 May 2009, Ralph Dujmovits became the first German mountaineer and the 16th worldwide to conquer all 14 mountains over 8,000 metres. Excepting Mount Everest, he succeeded all ascents without additional artificial oxygen. Ralf is also part ouf Komperdell since the very beginning and supports us with shootings, lectures and events. We are very proud to have Ralf in our team.

Komperdell Kaltenbrunner


Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

On 1st May 2008 at 12:00 o’clock Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner stood on the top of “Dhaulagiri” (8,167m). She was the first women to conquer 11 of 14 mountains over 8,000 metres without artificial oxygen. We are proud to count such an outstanding athlete to our team. Gerlinde has been part of us since the very first hour, the first contract was made while she was still working as a nurse. We are happy that until now, Gerlinde supports us at shootings, lectures and events.

Komperdell Camaro Production


Entry into “green age”

We produced our first neon green poles which are firmly embedded into our brand image in the meantime. Top athletes at komperdell- we are counting to the most successful brands in the ski world cup. As a further milestone, Christian Hager started an internship at Komperdell and worked as showroom employee afterwards. After taking over sales management for Germany, he characterized our industrial business significantly. Christian, always positively thinking and a huge mountaineering enthusiast, unfortunately died in an accident in the mountains at an early age of 47 years.
Komperdell Davo Karnicar


 Davo Karničar

In October 2020, Davo Karničar ventured to the highest mountain on earth. After reaching the summit, he started the descent at 07:00 o’clock in the morning and reached the 3500-meter lower basic camp via the south saddle only 4 hours and 40 minutes later. The great snow conditions even allowed to ski the Hillary Step, which enabled him to be the first to conquer the Everest completely on skis.


athletes believe and trust in Komperdell racing poles

#teamkomperdell and their top achievements as
Michaela Dorfmeister, Alexandra Meissnitzer, Anna Ottoson, Renate Götschl, Anita Wachter, Melanie Turgeon, Christian Mayer, Hannes Trinkl, Claudia Riegler, Anja Paerson, Christian Greber, Bruno Kernen, Tina Maze, Elisbateth Görgl, Max Rauffer, Johann Grugger, Rainer Schönfelder, Nicole Hosp, Stefan Görgl, Rainer Schönfelder, Kathrin Zettel, Michael Walchhofer, Jens Bygmark, Elisabeth Görgl, Ted Ligety, Veronika Zuzulova, Andrea Fischbacher, Klaus Kröll, Carlo Janka

Komperdell 1996


Hans Kammerlander 

First climb without oxygen in only 17 hours from the advanced base camp (6400m). So far, the fastest ascent and first descent from Mount Everest.
In total, Hans Kammerlander climbed up a total of 13 eight-thousanders. “The mountain has changed my life, and the mountains will remain my life”. He is still one of the most successful climbers and is an important part of team Komperdell. Read more about the successes of Hans Kammerlander.
Komperdell 1994


Ulrike Strasser

After Heinz Bachmann, Ulrike Strasser took over the management of both companies. Mrs. Strasser had already worked for us after finishing school and is since 1994 until now part of us again and in the meanwhile managing director of Camaro.

90s topatlethes at komperdell


Top athletes at KOMPERDELL

Whether in spotlight or apart, a good relationship to our engaged athletes is us an especially important matter until today. A connection which flows into our daily work and improves our products over and over again. Lots of well-known characters of the skiing and mountaineering world are perpetuated at our KOMPERDELL hall of fame. From now on we are material supplier at the ski pools in canada, germany, sweden, Russia and New Zealand.

Komperdell Camaro Production


Josef Kerschbaumer

Josef Kerschbaumer, meanwhile managing director of Komperdell, began to work for us in the warehouse and shipping department, moved after a few years into production, then to sales administration and thanks to his ambition he climbed the career ladder up to management. Josef is the best example that not the educational background but the own will and motivation will bring success.

Komperdell Camaro Production


Anita Tangerner

Anita Tangerner is meanwhile managing director of Komperdell equestrian sport and Camaro and responsible for the industrial business of Camaro and Komperdell. Years ago, she was discovered by Erich Roiser at Golfclub Mondsee, where she worked as a service employee. Anita began to work as executive assistance, then took over the marketing department and meanwhile she is independently responsible for our equestrian sector as well as industrial projects with partners like KTM, Felix Bühler, BMW, etc. She is another role model how to come forward with a lot of passion and heart and soul.

Thomas Roiser


Thomas Roiser follows into the footsteps of Erich Roiser

The youngest son of Erich Roiser, Thomas Roiser, started working in the company. On his first trip with a 130kg luggage to the American trade fair SIA and Outdoor Retailer in January 1987, he discovered the American trekking market. He immediately took up the opportunity to build up the market overseas including our biggest customers (LL-Bean and REI). 1997 he took over the management of CAMARO and KOMPERDELL.

1984 Group picture


production worker from the first hour

At this time only 20 years old, Charly Lindinger started working in production. Today, Charly is part of our team for 35 years and after leading the telescopic department first he is now responsible for the whole production management.

Komperdell 1983


The family Roiser (CAMARO) took over KOMPERDELL

Mr. Erich Roiser took over the company KOMPERDELL since the family Bednar had financial difficulties. Until 1983 only active in water sports, the successful company CAMARO was looking for a counterpart to the summer-focused business to establish a second mainstay. KOMPERDELL was completely modernized and repositioned. An investment of 20 million Schillings in the machinery park created the world’s most modern stock production at that time. KOMPERDELL developed into a technology leader in the sector of skiing and telescopic poles on the international market. Of course, environmental protection already played an important role at that time. Great emphasis was placed on integrating the factory buildings with a production area of 5000m² harmoniously into the landscape.  The factory was and is still located in one of the most scenic areas of Austria. The first managing director to Mr. Roiser is his brother-in-law Heinz Bachmann.

Komperdell 1976


Olympic Games

The Austrian success story continues: Franz Klammer wins gold in downhill at the Olympic winter games in Innsbruck – of course with KOMPERDELL poles. With 25 downhill victories Franz Klammer is the most successful downhill racer in world cup history ahead of Peter Müller with 19 victories. He won all classic downhill races, winning the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel four times, the Lauberhorn race in Wengen three times and at Saslong in Gröden four times. 1975 he won in Wengen with a record lead of 3.6 seconds. KOMPERDELL also became exclusive material supplier of the Austrian ski pool, as well of many more leading international skiing nations. We established ourselves as the most successful brand in racing!