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At Komperdell, we have set ourselves the goal of making horse riding a bit safer. While a helmet is part of most riders’ basic equipment, the rest of the body is often neglected when it comes to protection. Our many years of experience and our determination to constantly innovate have enabled us to create unique products. Our protector vests are unrivalled in terms of comfort and fit, but provides maximum safety. So how does it work? The multi-layer construction of the exceptionally soft foam guarantees that the equestrian back protector huddles perfectly against the body. When you put it on, the safety vest automatically adapts to your body and fits as though it was tailored throughout your ride. At the same time, the vest offers the ultimate in freedom of movement. Our equestrian safety vests are available for both men and women, and also for children. Click through our product range and buy the ideal equestrian safety vest for your next riding adventure.




Only Komperdell offers a special layering technology and intelligent flex zones which allow an automatic width adaption. It offers maximum freedom of movement and best fit.
The vest combines protection zones in the front and rib areas with the safest back protector, certified according to EN 1621-2 - Level 2
Protector Ballistic Junior Pro K6336

The safest back protector for young riders with protection zones in the front and rib area. Ideal as a training vest for everyday use!

€149.95 *



With our know-how from the motorcycle industry, i.e. the most extreme application area for efficient protective clothing, we develop the safest protectors for equestrian sports - maximum protection and best wearing comfort.
Ballistic Flex Fit K6337-13-M

The safest back protector with protection zones in the front and rib area. Ideal as a training vest for everyday use!

instead of €249.95 * €199.95 *



Because the best results for our customers are not good enough for us, our team is constantly developing new innovations that have also won multiple awards.
Ballistic Vest Junior K6321-202-140.

360° all round protection, light and flexible - because only the best is good enough for your kids.

€119.95 *