Jonas Devouassoux

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nickname: Jon
date of birth: 23.10.1989 ★
domicile: Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Replies - Visions

    • When did you start skiing? I’m skiing since I’m 2 years old and it’s my 10th season on a FIS circuit and my 3rd in ski cross.
    • Since when are you sponsored from KOMPERDELL? Since 2011.
    • What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL?
      Skiing in Austria, the country of skiing; Komperdell products are really
      good quality, the company lives for skiing. They have the fastest reaction
      when you need something and that’s really appreciable.
    • What ski regions/tours/places do you like most?
      I love skiing at home in les Grands Montets for powder skiing, it’s the best
      place on earth for me! I also like to go to Arlberg ; Austria is the country
      for skiing and in Arlberg there are a lot of beautiful ski resorts!
    • What were your most important achievements?
      My most important achievement was my 4th and 8th place last season in
      world cup. Furthermore my first selection for the world champs and
      Xgames in my first ski cross season.
    • What is most fascinating at Ski Cross?
      Ski cross is like a gladiator fight, it’s a man to man fight. You need to be
      the spanest, the fastest and the smartest. It’s the combination of many
      capacities that makes you a good ski cross racer.
    • What sport would you do if there was no snow?
      I love a lot of sports, maybe tennis, downhill mountainbiking or climbing
      and mountaineering. But I cannot imagine my life without mountains and
    • What does your bone fracture status look like?
      I’m ok, I never had heavy injuries. Only four bone fracture on the wrists, 3
      thumb, 1 tibia and 1 vertebra. I’m a specialist for cuting myself while
      skiing, I have more than 70 stitches everywhere and 55 only on the left
    • Have you got an idol – if yes – who is your idol?
      My idols are Roger Federer for his regularity and his class and Eric
      Hjorleifsson, a Norwegian free skier who has a really good ski technic and
      perfect fluidity.
    • What are the 3 things you would take along to a lonesome island?
      I would take the book «Le comte de Monte Cristo» from Alexandre
      Dumax, a piece of «tomme», my favorite french cheese and the album
      «Division Bell» from Pink Floyd.
    • What of are you afraid the most? I don‘t think I‘m afraid of something, but maybe avalanches while freeriding.
    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Olympic champion and if not maybe as a french history writer!
    • Favourite film? «Inception» from Christopher Nolan.
    • Favourite song? «Stairway to heaven» from Led Zeppelin.
    • Favourite meal? Hand made Knödel with the apricot carrot sauce from my mother.
      What is your motto? Life is not worth to be live if it’s not lived like a dream.
    • What targets/plans do you have for the future?
    • I’m studying in one of the french best school in politics, history and
      economy so I don’t know yet but maybe history writer, or work as a high
      level worker in a big enterprise.

Racing - Achievements

3. Platz Idre Fjall, SWE

32. Platz Montafon (AUT)
3. Platz Idre Fjall (SWE)

3. Platz Watles (ITA)

Top 10 Platzierungen

1. Platz Nakiska (CAN)
Top 10 Platzierungen