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    pack with an insert.
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As multiple award winner and #1 in the motorbike- & wintersports industry Komperell developed a new and ingenious bike protector and already won an award when presenting it at the bike- show 2016. Designed for practically all activities on a bicycle, we focused on the
best possible protector for spine and back of the cyclists and have
complemented it with a perfectly functional cargo-pack.


Being small, comfortable and reduced to the essential it is ideal for every biker. It fits perfectly, shows high quality workmanship with no loose buckles or strings. The essential - our PROTECTOR is the dominating design element and the protected zone always adjusts to the length of the back of the respective biker wearing it, as we offer 6 different sizes. Multiple ingenious features complement the pack which has won the EUROBIKE AWARD when it was introduced to the market.



THE BEST PROTECTOR20 years of experience as market leader for motorcycle, wintersports and equestrian protectors give us the know-how and experience to develop a truly unique concept for a bike protector. We are the only brand to develop and manufacture our own protector technology. This gives us the unique opportunity to develop the pack and protector as one cohesive unit.


A UNIQUE CONCEPTWe completely rethought the conventional concept of a bike protector. Instead of integrating a protector plate into an existing backpack, we concentrated all our energy on developing an ergonomically perfect protector and then combine it with a smartly designed cargo pack.


THE FINISHED PRODUCTWhereas protectors are standard in motorcycling and skiing, the concept is relatively new to the bike market although the need for protection is probably greater than in one of the previously mentioned fields. The usual push-back we received was that the bikers did not want another piece of equipment to carry. That’s why we have designed our protectors to be part of a pack or garment the biker already wears.


The new Thermo-vest combines the characteristics of a smart cold-protective vest with the performance of the Cross 6.0 back protector which has won multiple awards. Heat- insulating and extra light functional materials guarantee the best protection against severe cold and wind and are combined with an extra-long, one-piece protected zone, thus offering maximal safety.


3-YEAR FREE REPAIR SERVICE... worldwide unique!
We stand for excellent products made in Austria AND world class service –  we want our costumers not only to be satisfied, we want them to be aficionados! 

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The Brand

We have come a long way from the hazel-nut and bamboo pole of the 30-ies, to the light and breakproof carbon tube of today. Ever since the foundation of the company, more than 80 years ago, 100% of all KOMPERDELL poles have been produced in Austria in order to secure top quality and consistency.