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Peakmaster Pro Snowshoe 22 inch

Robust snowshoe made of rigid aluminium with extra tough and snow-repellent Hypalon decking and steel crampons for perfect traction. The new Quicklock binding allows a comfortable entry, while the heel lift reduces the angle of ascent. We created a snowshoe program that covers all requirements of our customers.
Product number: K6642-10-UNI

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Peakmaster Pro Snowshoe 22 inch
Sizes T22 - up to 80 kg (incl. baggage)
bindings available in:
M: shoe size 36 - 41
L: shoe size: 42 - 47
weight: 833 grams/piece

  • nodized high perfomance aluminum frame
  • durable hypalon decking
  • steel front claw and middle claw for traction in different conditions
  • heel lift
  • comfortable quicklock binding

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