Sylvain Miaillier

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nick name: Mirouf
date of birth: 25.09.1986 ★
domicile: Alpe d’Huez, France

Replies - Visions

    • When did you start skiing? When I was 2 years old.
    • Since when are you sponsored from KOMPERDELL? Since begging of season 2010/2011.
    • What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL? span poles, safety and nice people.
    • What ski regions/tours/places do you like most? I’d say Alpe d’Huez because it’s my home resort and I know it very well, but I would love to discover Alaska for big mountain skiing.
    • What were your most important achievements? Racing OWG. That was a dream come true!
    • What is most fascinating at Ski Cross? Fighting all day long with other racers and partying all night long with the same guys!
    • What sport would you do if there was no snow? Definitely downhill MTB, that’s my biggest passion after skiing.
    • What does your bone fracture status look like? Not so bad! Couple of wrist and hand fracture in MTB crashes, one ankle few years ago but nothing really serious on skis.
    • Have you got an idol – if yes – who is your idol? No real idol, but inspired by lot of great sportsmen.
    • What are the 3 things you would take along to a lonesome island? My skis, my bike and my girlfriend! Hope there are mountains and snow on your island! ;)
    • What of are you afraid the most? Being forced by something to stop sport.
    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? No idea! Hopefully somewhere in a nice place still riding my skis and my bike.
    • Favourite film? Usual suspect
    • Favourite song?  Actually, “Fade to Black” Metallica
    • Favourite meal? Homemade burgers
    • What is your motto? Do it seriously but have fun!    
    • What targets/plans do you have for the future? Be happy!

Racing - Achievements

2. Platz Val Thorens (FRA)

3. Platz Innichen (ITA)
2. Platz Watles (ITA)

1. Platz Megeve (FRA)