FATSO 7075

The extended gripping zone and the special powder strap are perfect in open terrain
Sizes: 110 - 135 cm
(in 5 cm Steps)
Features: Fatso 430 grip
Powder strap
Aluminum 7075-T6, Ø 18 mm
Ice-Flex basket
Ice-Flex Tungsten/Carbide tip

art. # 134 23 01-04 blue | 134 23 02-48 green | 134 23 03-33 berry | 134 23 04-100 peacock
The brand new FATSO 430 grip stands out for its special surface. Due to its comfortably soft and wide PU material it has an especially good grip. The 43 cm long gripping zone offers optimal support during ascents and traverses.

The Power-Lock-3 mechanism, made of anodized aluminum sets new standards due to its extremely robust construction and unrivaled holding-power.

KOMPERDELL exclusively uses a unique technology to produce TAC grips. This extremely light-weight, thermo-isolating grip is especially non-slip and comfortable to hold. In the spring– or without gloves – its sweat-absorbing ability is another advantage.
Here you can calculate online the perfect length for Classic / Touring Nordic poles. The rule of thumb is: 86% from your height. Attention: poles which have the wrong length can lead to muscle tensions.

Select your height:
Height in cm:
Dry and clean your poles after usage. Always store your telescopic poles in the non-fixed setting! Never use lubricants on or in the shaft or on the locking system!
Attention: Do not use pole if extended beyond the maximum length mark.


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We have come a long way from the hazel-nut and bamboo pole of the 30-ies, to the light and breakproof carbon tube of today. Ever since the foundation of the company, more than 80 years ago, 100% of all KOMPERDELL poles have been produced in Austria in order to secure top quality and consistency.