The patent revolution - intuitional length adjustment by just pressing a button - foldable!
Sizes: packed size: 62 cm
130 cm, adjustable from 105 - 130 cm
140 cm, adjustable from 115 - 140 cm
Features: Stiletto 400 grip
Ergo strap
top part: Titanal .HF 
lower part: Carbon
ice-flex basket
ice-flex tungsten/carbide tip
art. # 184 20 02-02
Guarantee & Service: 3 YEAR SERVICE
KOMPERDELL offers a 3 year repair service, free of charge, for all telescopic poles. No matter how it happened, we repair your pole, no questions asked, no receipt necessary, at absolutely no charge for you! ... more information

adjust the length anytime, adapt to any situation and slope incline

SUPERIOR BALANCE - Better balance and support in rough terrain, on high steps or when traversing a creek.
UPHILL BOOST - By having the correct pole-length at all times you achieve better transmission of power.
RELIEVES STRAIN ON YOUR KNEES - The strain on your knees is reduced because you always have your poles at the correct length.

Here you can calculate online the perfect length for Alpine poles. The rule of thumb for the alpine skiing is: body size x 0.7 = pole length. Attention: poles which have the wrong length can lead to muscle tensions.

Select your height:
Height in cm:


3-YEAR FREE REPAIR SERVICE... worldwide unique!
We stand for excellent products made in Austria AND world class service –  we want our costumers not only to be satisfied, we want them to be aficionados! 

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The Brand

We have come a long way from the hazel-nut and bamboo pole of the 30-ies, to the light and breakproof carbon tube of today. Ever since the foundation of the company, more than 80 years ago, 100% of all KOMPERDELL poles have been produced in Austria in order to secure top quality and consistency.