Nordic CX-100 Cork

Lightweight carbon nordic xc stick with very good stiffness (only 17. 5mm bending line) offers a perfect power transmission. The Click-In strap allows a particularly fast and easy entry and exit. The cork grip is particularly sweat absorbent.
Product number: K5202313-10-165

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Nordic CX-100 Cork
Sizes Available in
120 - 180cm (in 5cm steps)
  •     weight 100grams / 1500mm / bending 17,5mm
  •     carbon, ∅ 16mm
  •     especially sweat absorbing Nordic 2K cork grip
  •     Click-In strap - especially breathable strap, getting in and out easily with our click-in system
FAQ "Nordic CX-100 Cork"
Click-In-Loop fastening
Exchange tip
Size guide "Nordic CX-100 Cork"
Skating & Racing
Height Length of pole
140 cm 120 cm
145 cm 125 cm
150 cm 130 cm
155 cm 135 cm
160 cm 140 cm
165 cm 145 cm
170 cm 150 cm
175 cm 155 cm
180 cm 160 cm
185 cm 165 cm
190 cm 170 cm
195 cm 175 cm
200 cm 180 cm