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Carbon FXP ApproachCompact

Self-deploying folding pole made of light carbon with especially small packed size. With a packed size of only 38cm, the pole needs little space in the backpack and is quickly ready for use with its self-deploying mechanism - simply hold the pole at the grip and release the individual segments!
Product number: K1942357-10-Tele
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Carbon FXP ApproachCompact
Sizes weight: 239g
packed size: 38cm
adjustable from 105-125cm
  • Trek Pro Foam 245 grip - especially lightweight and pleasantly soft for best wearing comfort
  • Comfort Padded Strap - especially soft strap, comfortable to wear
  • 4-sections: carbon, ∅ 18/16mm
  • Powerlock 3.0 - our strongest lock made of forged aluminium
  • FXP folding mechanism - the first and only self-deploying mechanism with a solid connection of the individual segments, a mechanical connection and 30% less weight
  • vario baskets - easy and quick change
FAQ "Carbon FXP ApproachCompact"
System strap
Power lock closure
Storage power lock closure
Readjustment of the power lock
Telescope pole
Variable plate
Exchange tip
Care Instruction

Dry and clean your poles after usage. Always store your telescopic poles in the non-fixed setting! Never use lubricants on or in the shaft or on the locking system! Attention:
Do not use pole if extended beyond the maximum length mark.

Size guide "Carbon FXP ApproachCompact"

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