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  • Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner
  •  Ralf Dumjovits
SUMMIT MEETING 2011 - The mountaineers elite at KOMPERDELL!

Summit Meeting 2011 -The mountaineers elite at us!

If trekking- and ski poles and many other products are the issue, then KOMPERDELL is one of the top addresses. Many mountain sport stars rely on the traditional brand.

On 3rd of March a special summit meeting took place at Mondsee, the KOMPERDELL Headquarters. Top alpinists like the extreme climbers Alex & Thomas Huber alias the “Huberbuam”, as well as the extreme mountaineers Ralf Dujmovits, Viki Groselj and Hans Kammerlander followed the invitation, in order to meet media representatives of several countries and also the KOMPERDELL team.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner in fact came to Mondsee, but unluckily then became ill. Her husband Ralf replaced Gerlinde, he not only spoke for his own concern, but also for his wife. Davo Karnicar excused himself at short notice, he had a small accident the day before and Edurne Pasaban could not come regrettably that day. This was a pity, but for all athletes present it was an interesting and diversified day.

PDF folder from the meeting


OÖ Nachrichten
Mondseeer sind stark auf Bergen, Motorräder und im Wasser
Breites Sortiment stärkt Komperdell
report as PDF

OÖ Krone
Kaltenbrunner krank im Bett, aber Sie kehrt zum K2 zurück. "Gipfeltreffen" einiger der weltbesten Bergsteiger am Mondsee
report as PDF

Flachgauer Nachrichten
Die Elite des Bersports- zusammengezählt bestiegen Sie 65 Achttausender -wird von Komperdell unterstützt
report as PDF

Doppelpunkt Flachgauer Rundschau
Gemeinsam erfolgreich ans Ziel. Ein besonderes Team: Sportler und Sponsor
report as PDF

Bezirksrundschau Vöcklabruck
Viele Achttausender am Mondsee. Fünf der weltbesten Alöpinisten kamen zum Gipfeltreffen bei Komperdell in St. Lorenz
report as PDF

Tips Vöcklabruck
Die weltbesten Bergsteiger waren bei der Firma Komperdell zu Gast
report as PDF

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